Copenhagen Design is a Danish company that designs, develops and produces high-end products under the license of PANTONE LLC, within home, office and lifestyle products.

Copenhagen Design is a very close partner and licensee with PANTONE HQ, this is why all products developed by Copenhagen Design are sold at PANTONE.COM and presented on SOME channels like Instagram PANTONE with more than 3 million followers.

Indeed a strong and powerful cooperation.

Copenhagen Design is the only licensee that produces with the original color chip code, that is an exact match to the PANTONE professional color system.

Copenhagen Design sells in more than 50 countries around the world.

LIFE IS COLOR. This is how we see the world, and we experience the joy of working with colors every day. So let’s share the love of color and, together make the world a more creative place.
The PANTONE products by Copenhagen Design are designed by the two internationally renowned Danish designers Ulrik Nordentoft and Søren Varming. Ulrik works with product and interior design, and has designed several classics for acclaimed Danish design companies.

Søren specializes in graphic design and has, amongst others designed award-winning graphic identities for museums and leading international businesses. Søren also designed the official logo for HM the Queen of Denmark to celebrate her 80th birthday in April 2020. The result of the collaboration is a portfolio of functional products, which celebrate the joy of color.


Life is colors. This is how we see the world at PANTONE.
And we experience the joy of working with colors every day.

Working professionally with colors, we recognise that no two people see colors in exactly the same way. In fact, it was with this insight in mind that we invented the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® over 50 years ago.

Today, this is used daily all over the world, by art directors and designers to infuse their work with color – and ensure that their choice of color is true to their original idea.

Through the collection of PANTONE lifestyle products made by Copenhagen Design, we want to share our love of colors and enable you to express yourself through
colorful accessories like a coffee cup in vibrant yellow, a key chain in daring pink or a water bottle in classic dark blue.