In the emerging world of sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility, knowing and being in control of your supply chain is increasingly essential. And Copenhagen Design wishes to sustain this focus throughout our production process.

It is about the choices we make, about being consistent. And transparent.

We require of our manufacturers that they adhere to applicable laws and regulation consistently and conscientiously. We monitor the auditing processes and follow up on a regular basis.

Product sustainability

Some of the choices we make include finding sustainable materials for our products, such as the plastic product Tritan. It contains no bisphenols, neither BPA nor BPS, making it the safe choice for our clients – and for the end users of each item produced.

Another example is our manufacturer in Thailand who produces all our ceramics. They have recently converted as much as a third of their electricity consumption to solar power by installing their very own solar panels on the roof of the facility. This comes on top of their focus on waste water management and initiatives like changing all fixtures in the factory to LED lighting.

Working environment

Sustainability is not only about products and processes, it is also about the people who work for us. It is a perpetual process of improvement, but all our manufacturers are also audited on a regular basis when it comes to living and working conditions for their employees, from safety in the work place to worker’s rights and environmental regulation.
We could mention, for example, that all workers are employed on contracts defining their tasks, set hours and wages – something we perhaps take for granted.

At Copenhagen Design we welcome and applaud all improvements and continue to monitor and support the journey towards a more sustainable future in all its aspects – from each original design through all steps of the process to finished keychain, mug or umbrella.